Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education, Bhopal

21.18A: Training Programme for Developing Master Trainers on Vocational Pedagogy for Goa, Kerala, Manipur and Mizoram

[Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry]

  1. Comprehend the roles and responsibilities of Master Trainers for training in Vocational Pedagogy
  2. Apply different instructional methods and techniques for effective implementation of learning outcome-based vocational curriculum
  3. Use appropriate instructional media and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools for effective classroom instruction
  4. Prepare and deliver instructional session plans for teaching topics in vocational subjects; and Develop competence for vocational knowledge and skills assessment and evaluation

Overall Programme Impression

[Based on 23 feedbacks by participants]
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Programme Info

Start Date 21/02/2022
End Date 25/02/2022
Programme Head PAC
Programme Category New Programme
Programme Type Training
Programme venue PSSCIVE
Target Category All
Target Group Teachers
Target States Goa, Kerala, Manipur, Mizoram
Programme Status Completed

Programme Contacts

Programme Coordinator

V. S. Mehrotra

V. S. Mehrotra

Professor , Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry / 9123456780

Team Members (1)

V. S. Mehrotra

V. S. Mehrotra

Professor, Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry / 9123456780

Participants in Workshop (22)

Priyatosh Paul

Priyatosh Paul / 8787735998

R LALREMRUATA / 09862726076
Isaak Vanlalchhuanga

Isaak Vanlalchhuanga /
Josie Lalthanchhungi

Josie Lalthanchhungi /
Swapna Chakma

Swapna Chakma /
Vanlal Ngaihsaka

Vanlal Ngaihsaka /
Marina Lalrozami

Marina Lalrozami / 8014387714
H. Reuben Lalbiakpuia

H. Reuben Lalbiakpuia /
K Vanlalpeki

K Vanlalpeki /
Laltanpuia Ralte

Laltanpuia Ralte /
Malsawmdawngkimi Ralte

Malsawmdawngkimi Ralte / 9774781779
Lalchhawnthangi Tuallawt

Lalchhawnthangi Tuallawt /
Ripen Chakma

Ripen Chakma /
LC Vunga

LC Vunga /
K Lalthuammawii Kawilam

K Lalthuammawii Kawilam /
Laldinpuii Tetei

Laldinpuii Tetei /
Van lalhmangaihi

Van lalhmangaihi /
Lalremruata Sailo

Lalremruata Sailo /
R.Lalhmangaihzuali Zuali

R.Lalhmangaihzuali Zuali / 9863694133
Brenda Malsawmtluangi

Brenda Malsawmtluangi / 9089327854
Ruthi Lalruatfeli

Ruthi Lalruatfeli /
Hmingthan Kima

Hmingthan Kima /

Programme Reviews

H. Reuben Lalbiakpuia
H. Reuben Lalbiakpuia

Simple Activity, Vocational education and apprenticesive etc

Marina Lalrozami
Marina Lalrozami

Presentation and activities are great But it may be better for us if there is one topic in one day so that we may focus on one topic and gain more knowledge

Brenda Malsawmtluangi
Brenda Malsawmtluangi


Van lalhmangaihi
Van lalhmangaihi

I am very interested in this program and, very interactive, thank you to the Administration for hosting a program like this

Swapna Chakma
Swapna Chakma

It was helpful

Ripen Chakma
Ripen Chakma

It helped me a lot in understanding as a teacher and how to transform a student into a successful life

Lalchhawnthangi Tuallawt
Lalchhawnthangi Tuallawt

Our programme was quite good and gave me more strength to go through it. I appreciate it ang on behalf of my collegue, i want to say regret not responding actively, this is one of our habit of mizo people.

LC Vunga
LC Vunga

i have really enjoyed the trainning,I felt very welcome and relaxed during the time. I progressed in my knowledge and skills and the trainers teaching really enhanced this

Laldinpuii Tetei
Laldinpuii Tetei

Good training and i'm improve communication and student can teach easily and green skill is important for your part