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21.16D: Orientation Programme of Key Functionaries on NEP 2020 to Strengthen Vocational Education and Training in Schools of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka

[Department of Business and Commerce]

  1. To comprehend various aspects of vocational education and training in schools under NEP 2020;
  2. To apprise the roles and responsibilities of key functionaries for effective implementation of vocational courses in schools and to change the general perception and attitude towards vocational education;
  3. To identify major challenges and issues for quality Vocational education and training including pre-vocational education in schools in light of the National Education Policy 2020.
  4. To formulate strategies and action plan for effective implementation of the scheme in the State/UTs.

Programme Feedback

[Based on 2 feedbacks by participants]
Programme Design & Content Quality
Programme Management
Administrative & Logistics Services
Coordinator Evaluation
Resource Person Evaluation

Programme Info

Start Date 08/11/2021
End Date 12/11/2021
Programme Head PAC
Programme Category New Programme
Programme Type Training
Programme venue Department of Business & Commerce, PSSCIVE, Bhopal
Target Category All
Target Group Teachers
Target States Madhya Pradesh
Programme Status Not Initiated

Programme Contacts

Programme Coordinator

P. Veeraiah

P. Veeraiah

Professor , Department of Humanities, Science, Education and Research / 9123456780

Team Members (5)

Teena Mishra

Teena Mishra

Consultant, Department of Business and Commerce /


Consultant, Department of Business and Commerce /
Sunita Koli

Sunita Koli

Computer Operator, Department of Business and Commerce /
Pankaj Raikwar

Pankaj Raikwar

Lab Assistant, Department of Business and Commerce /
Harendra Singh Rajpoot

Harendra Singh Rajpoot

Data Entry Operator, Department of Business and Commerce /

Resource Persons (8)

Rajesh P. Khambayat

Rajesh P. Khambayat / 9123456780
V. S. Mehrotra

V. S. Mehrotra / 9123456780
Rajiv Kumar Pathak

Rajiv Kumar Pathak / 9123456780
Saurabh Prakash

Saurabh Prakash / 9123456780
R. Ravichandran

R. Ravichandran / 9123456780
Abhijit Nayak

Abhijit Nayak / 9123456780
Deepak D. Shudhalwar

Deepak D. Shudhalwar / 9425018802
Kuldeep Singh

Kuldeep Singh / 9123456780

Participants in Workshop (20)

Sreelatha Kotemutt

Sreelatha Kotemutt /
Anusha N

Anusha N /
Mahammed Sabeer M

Mahammed Sabeer M /
Santosh Mani

Santosh Mani /
Mahendra Patil

Mahendra Patil /
Pavan Kulkarni

Pavan Kulkarni /
Tippanna Dhotre

Tippanna Dhotre /
Praveen V

Praveen V /
Ashok Gowda K V

Ashok Gowda K V /
Shankar R M

Shankar R M /
Shukruthi C A

Shukruthi C A /
Keerthishree H J

Keerthishree H J /
Vidyashree R

Vidyashree R /
Suman N J

Suman N J /
Sachin H M

Sachin H M /
Umesh Bovi

Umesh Bovi /
Bhavana M U

Bhavana M U /
Hari Prasad

Hari Prasad /
Lukman Bhagawan

Lukman Bhagawan /

Harish /