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Development of Non-print Materials for Promotion of Vocational Education through Information and Communication Technology Platforms

[Department of Humanities, Science, Education and Research]

  1. To examine the requirement analysis for the relevant web applications.
  2. To undertake the design and development of the web applications.
  3. To undertake the security audit and deployment of the web applications.
  4. To update the contents of the website continuously.

Programme Feedback

Programme Design & Content Quality
Programme Management
Administrative & Logistics Services
Coordinator Evaluation
Resource Person Evaluation

Programme Info

Start Date 2021-09-22
End Date 2021-09-28
Programme Head PAC
Programme Category New Programme
Programme Type Development
Programme venue PSSCIVE
Target Category All
Target Group Teachers
Programme Status Not Initiated

Programme Contacts

Programme Coordinator

R. Ravichandran

R. Ravichandran

Professor , Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry / 9123456780

Team Members

Kuldeep Singh

Kuldeep Singh

Professor, Department of Engineering and Technology / 9123456780

Programme Media

Programme Reviews

Vijay Goswami
Vijay Goswami